Corporate Offer


Simply Fit (Herts) provides industry leading physical fitness solutions for companies and individuals looking to incorporate movement into their busy lives.

Our ethos has three pillars:

Move More, More Often

An average UK office worker can spend up to 21 hours off their feet everyday, as our lives become increasingly sedentary, both at work and leisure– I use simple, easy to remember techniques to encourage movement, inspire change and lead to life changing physical improvements in order to move more freely

Move Well To Keep Well

Its not just about moving, its about how we move – and how that movement affects our ability to move more freely, for longer. This is all about using smarter ways to move to benefit our physical health and mental wellbeing

Movement Means Improvement

I passionately believe that in order to improve, we need to be motivated and engaged in our movement. My courses are fun, fast paced and full of easy, everyday tips to get us all moving, improving and becoming…….Simply Fit

Offer Includes

  • ‘Back Health ’ workshops: an evidence based programme of simple I Move Freely exercises to free up tight muscles and mobilise joints to help us move more freely and ease low grade aches and pains. Particularly beneficial for workers who sit for long periods or for those with chronic low grade back pain.
  • Intelligent Walking programme: a set of simple, easy to remember techniques that enable us to improve the way we walk in order to get the best from our movement. A fun programme that helps us to use the right muscles in the right way in order to  exploit the health benefits that this simple, accessible form of exercise can bring.
  • Pure Stretch classes: stretching out our bodies in a dynamic, effective and fun way; improving mobility, strength and flexibility.  Helping improve range of movement and ease low-grade aches and pains whilst strengthening and conditioning the whole body.
  • Relaxation & Mindfulness masterclasses: never has it been more important to learn how to relax; both body and mind. Simple routines to help clear the mind, whilst learning where you hold tension and practising how to let it go .