Why flexi is the new fit – Saturday Telegraph 25th Feb 17

What has Pure Stretch been telling us? It appears that….

“the latest trend isn’t about how much weight you can bench press or how fast you can run; its about flexibility. Just a few simple stretches apparently can help keep your body moving the way it should for as long as possible”.

Pure Stretch classes are designed to help you do just that!

” As we age, muscles tend to lose elasticity. We also tend to get more sedentary. It’s a chicken and egg situation because the more sedentary we get the less flexible our joints become, so the less we move and stretch, and the more inflexible and stiff we become, the worse our posture is and the less mobile we are. Static stretches help lengthen muscles, whilst range of motion around the joints can be improved with gentle moving stretches”.

Check out your local Pure Stretch and Simply Fit Classes that focus on stretching to help us Move Well to Keep Well – after all Movement is Improvement!

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