Here are some ideas from our strength and conditioning classes that strengthen the hamstrings (please see a professional first if you are injured/in pain)
Hamstring Capacity
Can your hamstrings tolerate what you are asking them to do?
One of the reasons a muscle may feel ‘tight’ or sore is due to fatigue. In 2012 a number of Doctors & Scientists working with National and Professional sports teams were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding muscle injuries so that there could be a common terminology used across all professions.
We often see people in clinic that have muscle pain during exercise or after exercise; they have had a scan and it has not shown any sort of muscle tissue damage – this can be very frustrating.
The pain that you are feeling may be your muscle trying to tell you that it can’t cope with the activity that you are asking it to do.
You may have a type 1a Fatigue Induced muscle soreness (link to the paper here) where your muscle feels ‘tight’ because it is overworked or you have rested too much and tried to get back to things too quickly.
What can you do?
Runners love running but you do not do true strength training by running – Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load – this type of overload does not happen when you run.
The science behind strength training:
Improves running economy
Improves endurance capacity
Increases power
Overuse injuries are reduced by 50% when strength training is incorporated
Can reduce injuries to 1/3
You can’t go wrong getting STRONG


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