Along with David Beckham, I have long been a fan of the foam rollers as a part of my fitness regime, helping to keep the muscles and fascia in good shape whilst  ‘ironing out’ those niggly aches and pains. Rollers are inexpensive, but worth getting a good one, or check out this new type of roller that I just might try. Rollers are not complicated to use but they take a bit of practise. The GRID X is sturdier and if you target a particularly sensitive area, it can be a little eye watering at first. However, once the tissue (fascia) around the muscle loosens up the “aaaaargh” factor soon sets in. Before you know it your moving around like a ballerina on a cloud, just like you do in my PURE STRETCH classes……well maybe not all of us! Visit for more info….happy rolling. Cxx


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