Bio Mechanics Coach

As Bio Mechanics Coaches we are not medical professionals, but fitness professionals. We assess an individual’s movement and prescribe a series of well-researched and proven imovefreely exercises based on that assessment. These exercises, if completed, help us to literally move more freely and can improve our overall function, sporting ability and in many cases relieve low grade aches and pains.

Following an initial one and a half hour assessment it is usual to complete a further three sessions to achieve optimum results. Individual sessions are however available if preferred.

A Bio Mechanics coach will never try to ‘fix’ something they can’t. Indeed, our professional assessment process and training helps identify if and when there is a need to refer individuals on to a clinician who may be more appropriate to their needs.

Sessions have been successful in helping ease low grade aches and pains experienced by many office workers associated with the sedentary working practises and are available through our Corporate Offer.