Pure Stretch


 Pure Stretch…a more flexible approach to fitness

A Pure Stretch class works to improve flexibility, strength and improve mobility the perfect combination to enhance health and improve fitness. A strong, flexible body with a supple spine increases our range of movement which in turn helps improve performance in sporting ability and helps us avoid injury.

Stretching is so often neglected and yet it can make a huge difference to our day to day lives as well as our sporting prowess. Tight muscles and an inflexible spine can affect our whole posture leading to discomfort and pain. Using a series of balanced, choreographed movements to improve flexibility and develop muscle strength, Pure Stretch helps improve range of movement, decrease risk of injury and improve quality of life.

Classes for 2018

There are Six Courses running throughout 2018, please click here to see our timetable of classes, (Timetable to be updated by 5th January 2018) click on classes to see more details about the venue.

 Classes currently enjoy a mix of men and women with overall numbers restricted to ensure a more instructional and personal approach.

Classes take place on:

MONDAY evening, 7.30 to 8.30pm: at the Hertford Heath Village Hall, London Road, SG13 7RH.  Parking is available

The first class is offered as a FREE TASTER session to those new to Pure Stretch.

Classes are £8 per session (Pay as You Go) or £7 if paid up front as a course.

(Classes are run as a course of 5 to 8 classes)

For more information or to book your place, e mail Cheryl: or call her on 07766081994. 

Individuals should wear comfortable clothing that allows flexibility and are asked to bring a non slip mat. It is suggested that water is brought for refreshment

Cheryl is a qualified Pure Stretch Instructor