Intelligent Walking and Nordic Walking


Walking is a powerful, accessible and cheap form of exercise and is absoutely key to our overall fitness. Becoming aware of how we walk, identifying bad habits and improving the way we move, can make a huge difference to the benefits we gain from this excellent form of exercise. Activating the right muscles in the right way as we walk, can bring a wealth of fitness, health and weight loss benefits. Intelligent walking can bring fast, safe and exhilarating all over body results to any training regime.

Cheryl uses walking as a key component of her own health and fitness regime and currently offers Intelligent Walking sessions on a limited basis.

Cheryl worked as a trainer for Joanna Hall, Movement Specialist,who specialises in walking for health. If interested, do visit Joanna Hall’s website for classes and group sessions offered across the UK.

Walking : Woman hiking and nordic walking in forest. Sport shoe close up


this form of exercise takes walking to another level, activating 90% of all muscles. Whilst a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor, Cheryl does not currently offer this form of instruction. If interested though, visit the website to find an instructor near you.