Individual Training

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Pure Stretch Instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor, and Exercise to Music Instructor, Cheryl has a wealth of experience and can, on request, provide one to one exercise programmes designed to suit a persons specific needs, including current mobility, lifestyle and goals.

Cheryl has a fun, interactive, motivating and caring approach which is appreciated by all who work with her. She is not about boot camp style fitness, preferring to use simple, safe, effective and enjoyable individual training routines that work for you and your lifestyle. If you want pushing she will push you, but she will always help you achieve the very best you can by offering expert advice, support and encouragement.

A personal detailed assessment would be required along with identifying current levels of fitness, body health and individual aspirations. Whether aiming to just maintain current fitness levels, keen to regain some lost mobility, or wanting to find a way to build regular exercise into your everyday life to become ‘Simply Fit’ Cheryl can help by working with you to design and deliver a programme to help achieve personal goals.

Some of the techniques used might include:

Postural Walking

Nordic Walking

Dynamic and Active Stretching

Chair based exercises

Floor based exercises

Resistance training

 Anyone interested in Personal Training sessions should contact Cheryl Direct

Please note times available are limited to Saturdays and some Fridays