“Cheryl pitches the classes just right, they are fun with the right balance of discipline. I love the classes, I never get bored. Cheryl always knows if we are needing any help ensures we are working correctly and is very encouraging. Thank you”

Tracy: Hertford Heath Class.

“Cheryl has recently started a ‘Pure Stretch’ class at our Squash/Racketball Club. The class is attended by long standing sports people and without exception everyone is finding a benefit. The ‘Pure Stretch Page’ of this website really does sum up what you get! Can’t recommend this enough!!”
Eddie – Hertford Class.

“I have found the courses useful and I do seem to be more flexible. I have enjoyed the results and loss of some stiffness too”.

Martin Hertford Heath Class.


I really enjoy Cheryl’s Exercise class with its friendly atmosphere. You are able to work at your own pace and ability and I found it particularly helpful since having a knee replacement with building muscle and stretching exercise, it has aided my recovery considerably. Thank You, Marianne

Hi cheryl a big thank you for your dedication to us during classes. I always feel better on a Friday, more realigned and supple. Although I do some of the exercises at home it is not the same as having you talk us through them. I hope you will be able to continue for many years to come. Liz x

Following replacement of both my hips, complications left me with balance issues. Friends recommended me to Cheryl’s exercise classes and I started in November 2011. I have noticed a great improvement, not only in my balance but also in my general health as Cheryl’s classes help me keep mobile and maintain flexibility.  Cheryl instructs us to do our exercises in a precise way, she keeps us all under supervision to ensure we do them safely and effectively. The classes are also fun and we spend quite a lot of time laughing.  For these reasons no one ever wants to leave her classes. I certainly cannot see me leaving, in fact I have increased my number of classes to twice a week now.   Pat L, Hertfordshire

I enjoy the SImply Fit class because of the usefulness of the exercises to everyday life. I like the fact that Cheryl tailors the class as far as possible to individual needs within the diverse age range of the class; also taking into account different people’s strengths and weaknesses. The main benefit for me is the awareness of everyday movements and knowing how to perform them correctly (or at least knowing when one is doing them incorrectly) and prevention of further problems as well as increasing existing mobility.  Francis, Hertfordshire.

I have been attending Cheryl’s ‘Simply Fit’ classes for 1½ years.  Whenever I feel like not going to ‘Simply Fit’ because I feel a bit low, or I’ve done too much gardening the day before, nothing will stop me going because the exercise always makes me feel better and more energised.  ‘Simply Fit’ exercise classes are perfect for me, and others say the same.  They are tailor made for the ‘older’ person and help us to stay flexible and mobile.  The classes are tremendous fun, well planned, varied (you won’t get bored) and Cheryl is so well organised.  She gives personal attention to all of us, and remembers our ‘special needs’.  The exercise covers everything from improving balance, core strength and mobility through to relaxation, and purports to exercise every muscle and joint in the body.  Cheryl uses dance movements, Pilates and incorporates other techniques.  We use weights and bands; some exercises are on a floor mat; most are with music.  Cheryl is enthusiastic, friendly and has a bubbly nature, making attending classes a joy.  I would heartily recommend her classes to both men and women. Kate, Hertfordshire

I joined Cheryl’s Simply Fit Exercise Class when it started in the summer of 2010.  Over the past 2 years Cheryl has developed the range of exercises that we do to include good alignment, mobility, strength and balance, with an emphasis on posture which incorporates all of those disciplines.   Everyone exercises to their own level, there are no targets or pressure just a feeling of achievement and well-being at the end of the session.    As a group we work hard but enjoy the relaxation at the end of the class and the fun and laughter during it.  I have personally benefited greatly from working with Cheryl i.e. my core strength and co-ordination has improved, pain and stiffness in my back and legs lessened and also having regular massage treatments with her has helped enormously with managing my underlying health condition. Having had joint replacement in my foot recently the Consultant was amazed at my recovery and mobility.   I told him about the exercises that we do and said that it was all down to the ‘plies’ – he was most impressed when I demonstrated so may be joining the class! Carol, Hertford

Having had back pain now for several years with no relief, I turned to Cheryl for advice whilst attending her Simply Fit exercise class. I have found the advice, exercises and massages that I have received over the last few weeks have helped me immensely. Even though I have skeletal issues which will not heal now, I can see a relatively pain free future, roviding I do the exercises and have a regular monthly massage. I thoroughly recommed Cheryl and can trust anyone to her care. Elizabeth, Hertford.


I suffer from a long standing muscular back problem, and also a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders due to years of working behind a computer.  Since going to Cheryl for massage therapy the tension has eased tremendously and continued massage every few weeks coupled with exercise have made severe back pain a thing of the past.  Each treatment is tailored to my needs at the time, and Cheryl creates a wonderful atmosphere of calm and relaxation.  She is very professional, considerate and makes you feel at ease.  The health and wellbeing benefits are amazing.  I come away from a session feeling relaxed in mind and spirit as well as body.  Cheryl is very skilled and I would highly recommend her. Kate, Hertfordshire.

I recommend Cheryl as an excellent, caring masseur. Cheryl treats each individual personally and tailors treatment to suit their specific needs. She also gives advice and exercises to help in the management of pain. Liz, Hertfordshire.

Cheryl provides personal and group exercise tuition to help those aged over 50 remain active and improve their overall health and fitness. Also offering holistic massage and Reiki, therapies with powerful relaxing and stress reducing benefits, Cheryl assists clients to restore and maintain a balance in both body and mind.

Cheryl is… Simply Fit; as a qualified Personal Trainer, Exercise to Music Instructor, Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner she specialises in working with the over 50’s. She helps individuals maintain a level of health, in both body and mind, so they can continue to enjoy an active fulfilled life for as long as possible.